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About PAWB

Who are PAWB and what do we do?

The notion of a Photonics Academy in Wales was officially launched by Professor K Alan Shore in November 2006. The current Room 212 residency of The Photonics Academy of Wales @ Bangor (PAWB) in the School of Electronic Engineering, of Bangor University, commenced in May 2011. The present role of PAWB follows the same direction as an earlier perceived hypothesis, which was instigated just twenty years ago in 1994 by the current author of this communication.

The Hypothesis

This earlier perceived hypothesis was that highly innovative new applications of Low Power Lasers could be designed and created rapidly by participating individuals, whose awareness of the enabling potential of Photonics might be activated by the provision of 3 Opportunities for the imaginative utilization of Originality in Photonics as a Learning encounter:

  1. The Opportunity for initiating an emphasis on initial Observations of impressive Photonics concepts – followed by,
  2. The Opportunity for empirical Investigations of those same Photonics concepts – which then might lead to,
  3. The Opportunity for the release of Photonics Design Ingenuity proffered by an Originality in Photonics challenge.

The Evidence

As a consequence of the intervening twenty years, a current total of 362 individually designed Low Power Laser Photonics Projects form the crux of the clearly demonstrative empirical evidence that participating individuals are superbly capable of creating highly innovative new applications in the field of Photonics Sensors when challenged by the opportunities presented through the PAWB approach of Originality in Photonics. In addition, such highly imaginative personal achievements also highlight a consequential added value corollary, in that such opportunities for Originality in Photonics most definitely lead the individual participants towards levels of self-activating interest in the potential for future personal involvements in this extremely valuable resource and realm of Twenty-First Century Technology. A selection of the working Prototype Design Projects are available for instructional demonstrations in the Room 212 PAWB Laboratory.

The Planning

The planning in all PAWB initiatives always is directed towards the activation of 3 Awareness qualities :-

  1. The individual’s Awareness of personal Achievement in the successful outcome from within Originality in Photonics.
  2. The individual’s Awareness that such Photonics outcomes provide Experience of involvement in Scientific Originality.
  3. The individual’s Awareness that such Experience yields an essential Confidence to accept future scientific challenges.

The Approach

The approach of all PAWB involvements within Originality in Photonics always focuses on 3 Confidence qualities:

  1. A Confidence in the Utilization of New Photonics Information at the very instant this new Information is presented.
  2. A Confidence in Seeing Observations of Photonics concepts as always presenting the potential for New Solutions.
  3. A Confidence in the personal utilization of Imagination, Ingenuity, and Insight in Design Originality in Photonics.

The Future

PAWB will be organizing a series of Originality in Photonics Experience Encounters, the outline details of which will soon appear on the PAWB Website. The emphasis of all of these Originality in Photonics will be focused on the Techniques associated with HOW to arrive at the achievement of Prototype Design Solutions within the field of Originality in Photonics.

PAWB also arranged bespoke training courses for all age groups and abilities. Please contact us for more information or look at our forthcoming events section.

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