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Download the Getting Light to Work (GLOW) brochure (pdf):


OPUS is designed to create hands-on, investigative opportunities for businesses and small or large enterprises within Wales, to consider how Light might proffer some new applications which are appropriate within their place of work. The purpose of OPUS is to encourage consideration of (i) the professional uses and benefits of incorporating Light-based technologies within the work place and (ii) the personal development of an interest in Light concepts for every person employed in Wales.

The practical feature of OPUS is an emphasis on the hands-on experience and involvement in actually performing Light-based Observations and Investigations, which will lead to the achievement of highly imaginative Design outcomes. These Design outcomes are new applications of Light-based concepts – and hence activating a greater sensitivity to the benefits of seeing Light in a different Light.

There are many valuable personal, transferable skills acquired through Investigations into what can be achieved with Light. The powerful personal resources of Imagination, Insight, and Ingenuity of any individual will always lead to the creation of highly innovative, new applications of Light.

The OPUS Method

Click on the links to download pdfs.

  1. Observe to See:
    How much do you really see when you look at something? Could you see more? At OPUS we believe there are 7 levels of seeing, from "Missing" to "Perception" – what level do you see at?
  2. Investigate to Evidence:
    How do you go about investigating? How do you record what you see? How does this lead to a project design? We can teach you all of these skills.
  3. Measurement to Accuracy:
    Once you have your experiment underway, what is the best way to record your results? How can your work be understood by everyone else?
  4. Design to Ingenuity:
    How can you use your ingenuity and insight to awaken your imagination? How do you design something completely new? OPUS can help you realise your inner inventor.
  5. Testing to Reliability:
    How can you test a project to be sure it is fool proof? Can you prove your design really works? With this method you will always be able to locate a fault and systematically fix all complications.
  6. Reporting to Insight:
    Once you have a project up and running how can you document it? This document is a comprehensive review of how to write a formal report and include accurate diagrams.
  7. Presenting to Communication:
    Have you ever been to a presentation, and had no idea what the speaker is trying to explain? OPUS can teach you how to present clearly and confidently, so your audience can understand exactly what you are saying.​

OPUS is part of the Work Based Learning Programme, funded by the EU’s Convergence European Social Fund, through the Welsh Government. Those working in the private sector, living and/or working in the Convergence Region of Wales may be entitled to a funded place on a course.

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