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Who are PAWB and what do we do?

Touching the light of a laser

The School of Electronic Engineering at Bangor houses the Photonics Academy of Wales (PAWB). PAWB is led by the enigmatic Dr Ray Davies. Ray is passionate about Photonics and is responsible for enlightening young minds to the wonders of this incredible science.

Photonics is the science of light and harnessing light for all sorts of reasons. PAWB host a huge range of events where students come into the lab to get involved with practical hands on sessions where they make devices that use photonics to help mankind.

Start with solutions

Through a unique approach to learning PAWB encourages creative design by starting with the SOLUTIONS. This method allows participants to progress at an astonishing rate, quickly acquiring photonics knowledge and design skills.

With each piece of information that the participant is presented with they are asked “What can you DO with this information?” at the very INSTANT that the information is presented to them.

Opportunities to learn

PAWB provides work based learning opportunities particularly to SMEs and micro companies in Wales.

PAWB is offering 6 modules at level 4 the equivalent of 60 credits in a first year HE course. This unique route to photonics offers participants a chance to completely change the way they view design and allows for a more innovative approach to be adopted.

PAWB also arranged bespoke training courses for all age groups and abilities. Please contact us for more information or look at our forthcoming events section.

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